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Past Campaigns
 We’ve done some great work together. For example:
2021    No Campaign
Our X-ray Vision that Delivers Campaign raised $280,000, $20,000 over their fundraising goal. This project marked the most ambitious campaign in the Foundation’s history. The funds were invested in a critical Mobile Digital X-ray Unit and a Modern Radiology Table.
Over $100,000 was raised in the Accuracy is the Best Result Good Chemistry Campaign to purchase a sophisticated Chemistry Analyzer to ensure our laboratory professionals have the best technology to provide the most accurate results for patients.
Over $110,000 was raised through the Give Our Surgeons Inside Information Campaign to strengthen surgical and medical care at the SMH. A portable Mini C-arm X-ray device, which carries a price tag of $85,000 and a $25,000 defibrillator have been purchased.
Over $100,000 was raised in the Focus on Patient Care Campaign to purchase 2 wireless ECGs, 5 hospital beds, 1 hospital bed with weight scale, electronic card access for Lab and OR, shoulder instrumentation tray, and 3 overbed tables.
$100,000 was raised to purchase a variety of much needed items to enhance the comfort, care and safety of patients.
Over $100,000 was raised for the Let’s not miss a Beat Campaign 2014 to purchase a Cardiac Monitoring System for the hosputal’s Emergency Room (ER).
2013 It’s The Way We Operate Campaign 2013 raised over $93,000 for a new Anaesthesia System for the Hospital’s Day Surgery Program.
2012 Over $100,000 was raised for The more we see the more we can help Campaign. These funds were used to purchase a portable ultrasound system for the Emergency Department plus a special bathtub to enhance seniors’ comfort and safety, and two hospital beds.
We want to see you Better Campaign
$194,894.05 was raised to enhance radiology services in the Tantramar region.
Donate for Dignity Campaign
$66,091.15 was raised to enhance care for seniors at the SMH by moving towards an “Elder Friendly” hospital providing a physical environment that is most beneficial to older adults.
Healthy Returns Capital Campaign
$284,000 was raised to purchase a range of urgently needed medical tools including two defibrillators, a wheelchair scale, microscope, blood bank refrigerator and several specialized beds. Another significant piece of equipment bought was a computed radiography system that will help physicians to more accurately make diagnoses.
Give Comfort Campaign
$58,819.39 was raised to pay for renovations and equipment for a palliative care suite.
Emergency Care Campaign
$44,000 was raised to purchase a cardiac defibrillator, crash carts, medication pumps and several items for the outpatient lab facility.
Picture Perfect Campaign
$41,915 was raised for a new X-ray film processor, X-ray viewing boxes and a stretcher for the X-ray department.
Helping Hand Campaign
$52,995.84 was raised for a new Digital Imaging System for the Radiology Department.
Bladder Scanner Appeal
$12,838.25 was raised to purchase a bladder scanner for the Brunswick nursing floor
Birthing Room Campaign
$28,327.52 was raised for renovations for a new Birthing Room