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The Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation produces a newsletter twice a year to keep our donors and community up-to-date on our current activities, funding investments and how donations impact on patient care.

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Daughter Appreciative of Care Provided to Mother in Her Final Days
Although it has been a rough year with the passing of the beloved family matriarch, Paula Sears can’t say enough about the care her mother received prior to her passing. Long time Sackville resident Norma Sears was admitted to the Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH) on March 7 after falling at home and breaking her femur. [...]
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The Sackville Memorial Hospital Foundation Launches Operate with Surgical Precision Campaign
The Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH) Foundation has launched its Operate with Surgical Precision Campaign with an ambitious $200,000 fundraising goal. The funds will be invested in specialized equipment that will elevate surgical and emergency care. [...]
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Midgic resident Grateful for Care Received at SMH
A few years ago, Jasper Sears, life long resident of Midgic, was having difficulty breathing. “It didn’t matter what I was doing, I just couldn’t seem to get enough air in my lungs.” Like many people do, the now 76-year-old put off going to hospital for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t until his wife of 53 years, Edna, and friends noticed his laboured breathing worsening and urged him to seek medical attention. [...]
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“When you are not well it is a great comfort to know our hospital is only minutes away and ready to help.”
Three years ago, long-time Sackville resident Jim Hopkins knew something wasn’t right when he was having difficulty swallowing. After several medical appointments and tests at the Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH), as well as Moncton and Amherst Hospitals, he found out his instincts were correct. The retired teacher remembers vividly the day in July 2016 when he learned the disheartening news that he had esophageal cancer. [...]
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“It gives me peace of mind that help is close by” Grandmother Thankful for Local Hospital
It wasn’t that serious but it could have been. In early July, on a beauti- ful sunny day, Pam Bowman of Sackville was babysitting her three year old granddaughter visiting from Truro. At one point, she noticed a large bug bite on Meredith’s leg. Since it appeared to be getting bigger, she didn’t want to take any chances and decided to go to the nearby Emergency Room at the Sackville Memorial Hospital. “We were met by a friendly receptionist, who handed Meredith an activity pack, generously provided by the Foundation, that kept her busy as we waited.” [...]
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